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Millions of dinars medicines lost or expired
February 13, 2016, 8:43 am

Following a stocktaking process in various hospitals and central pharmacies, Ministry of Health discovered that medicines worth millions of dinars were lost or had expired, which indicates severe mismanagement of the medicines and drugs provided to hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health.

They explained that medicines worth about KD 306 million were approved and allocated.

However, there are no stored records or manual systems for registering the medicines, including those that were received and disbursed as well as the medicines remaining in the stores or pharmacies.

The sources revealed that lack of supervision by the Medical Storage Department on the process is due to lack of databases with details of medicines and drugs disbursed to the public hospitals as well as lack of systems to manage the medicine stock.

They said Ministry of Health after discovering the loss of medicines and the presence of expired medicines worth millions of dinars, called for forming a committee to investigate this wastage, indicating the possibility of thefts being carried out in the warehouses of hospitals and central pharmacies.

Source: Arab Times

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