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Min. of Health opens 6 new road-side first-aid centers
January 2, 2014, 9:24 am

The Ministry of Health has opened six new road-side first aid centers on major highways throughout the country, said a ministry official on Wednesday.

The centers will offer emergency medical attention to motorists and especially picnickers in outlying areas in the desert where medical help may not reach them in case of an injury or accident, said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Dr Khalid al-Sahlawi, in a statement to KUNA.

He said that ministry statistics showed that there were increasing numbers of accidents and emergencies that required speedy medical care to people who lived near the border regions of the country or those who every fall and winter sought the outdoors in the desert to camp out for extended periods of time, far away from any hospital or clinic.

The new first aid centers will be fully equipped with medical staff and emergency vehicles who could answer a medical emergency in a very short time. Last November and December, 126 such emergencies were noted which were taken care of at hospitals whereas 618 others were treated on site, he said, adding that with the advent of the new centers, the time to treat the patients would be cut by a large margin.

He further said that 20 ambulances were ready to transport any patient from outlaying desert locations to the first aid centers or a hospital if need be.
These six new centers are, in addition to eleven existing ones in various parts of the country, ready to help any desert picnickers or dwellers alike.

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