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Minister Announces Stipend For Jobless Graduates
July 20, 2013, 9:50 am
The State Minister for Cabinet Affairs and the State Minister for Municipality Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah has announced the retroactive disbursement of financial aids allocated for unemployed graduates from universities and technical institutions after Eid Al-Fitr through the Government Manpower Restructuring Program (GMRP) and the state’s executive body. In a press statement issued during a ceremony organized by GMRP in honor of voluntary team of workers in the ‘1000 Projects Exhibition’, Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah declared that a press conference will be held at GMRP headquarters to announce the necessary conditions for receiving the financial aid.
Regarding the ‘1000 Projects Exhibition’, he said GMRP has fulfilled the national objectives related to supporting the ambitions of Kuwaiti youths. He indicated that the youth projects in the exhibition represent direct interpretation of the directives given by the supreme leadership authority in Kuwait for providing support to the Kuwaiti youths’ ambitions. He bid the government to show keenness in providing suitable job opportunities for youths in the private sector.
Unified health file system eyed : Ministers and other state officials have lately been enjoying touristic activities while on official missions abroad. Such a phenomenon has been delaying actions over important issues that require the attention of the officials, reports Al-Jaridah daily quoting an informed source. He said the ministers and state officials now travel out of the country for a long period, adding that many of these travels are for attending conferences and meetings that usually do not take more than two or three days; however, the officials travel several days in advance for touristic purposes.
He indicated that the absence of some ministers in the country has been affecting the Cabinet meetings and their activities such that major issues related to the offices of the absent ministers are postponed.
He stressed that the absence of officials because of ‘foreign conferences’ have negative effects on the interests of citizens and expatriates, as several decisions affecting them which the Cabinet or the ministers should ratify are delayed.
Meanwhile, Ministry of Health Undersecretary Khalid Al-Sahlawi recently issued a decision on the formation of a team tasked to implement the unified electronic file system in Sabah Health District, reports Al-Shahed daily. In a press statement, Al-Sahlawi disclosed the team will work for six months and the tenure is renewable.  He said the team will collect information on the infrastructure and system applications in the district, in addition to the technical analysis of data to be included in the unified electronic file.  He added the team will also supervise the technical aspect of the project.
In another development, it has been reported that Farwaniya Hospital experienced chaos recently due to the absence of employees in the Assessment Office since the beginning of Ramadan; leading to the delayed processing of transactions.  Sources revealed many people have submitted complaints to the concerned authority on the alleged absence of staff.  The complainants claimed that they visited the office several times but nobody was there to assist them, sources added.
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