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Minister deems Government program integral part of five-year plan
March 15, 2017, 5:14 pm

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh said Wednesday the government's action program is part and parcel of the country's five-year development plan. Addressing a parliamentary debate today, Al-Sabeeh, who doubles as Minister of State for Economic Affairs, said the government's document of financial and economic reforms is reflected in the annual plans and program of action.

The development projects enshrined in the government's program are going on as scheduled at a specific cost, she said, elaborating that the government's program is based on three core pillars: economic development, human and societal development and administrative development.

Economic development targets diversified and sustainable development and developed infrastructure, while human and societal development targets a creative human capital, high-level health care and sustainable living environment, the minister said.

She pointed out the third pillar of administrative development is mainly intended to create an effective governmental administration and distinguished international position. However, the minister emphasized that the general sustainability priority requires retrenchment, more revenues of investment in local and external strategic projects, diversified earnings and efficient levying of State dues.

On the government's privatization plan, she underlined that it is important to expand joint ventures between both public and private sectors, to promote petrochemical and manufacturing industries and to create a better business and investment environment.

On employment, she said the government's program of action involves key points, mainly building a labor market strategy, setting out an ambitious training plan for national labor and reforming payrolls.

Regarding education, the minister said the Kuwaiti government seeks to build more educational facilities, upgrade efficiency criteria for non-Kuwaiti teachers and boost admission conditions for students of education colleges.

Source: KUNA

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