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Minister says swine flu not a threat
April 21, 2015, 12:23 pm

Minister of Health Dr Ali Saad Al-Obaidi, speaking at the opening the Haya Abdulrahman Al-Mujil Kidney Center yesterday, reassured the public that there was no reason to panic about the recent swine flu news according to WHO global health estimates, and the ministry is planning to apply the World Health Organization (WHO) strategies and protocols in order to ensure the safety and health of citizens and residents.

He went on to stress the ministry’s decision to be open with the public about any health crisis in Kuwait. Mr. Al-Obaidi noted that the swine flu virus had been widespread since 2009, and the number infected has declined due to the global fight against it. Pointing out the successful measures undertaken by the ministry with regard to the Ebola and MERS health emergencies, he said that all preventative precautions have been initiated to stop the spread of infection, and the many flu vaccinations given out in August and November has bought down the incidence of the disease.

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