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Minister urges Municipal employees to better serve the public
January 25, 2014, 4:50 pm

To counter the public outcry against the laxity among the employees of the Kuwait Municipality, Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Eissa Al-Kanderi issued a memo Saturday urging these employees to execute their duties with earnestness and dedication to the public's interests.

Al-Kanderi, who is also Minister of Communications, told Municipality employees in his memo that the public was disgruntled by their inadequate work and unfriendly attitude, stressing that all employees would be held accountable for poor conduct with the public.

He urged the employees not to be tethered to their desks but to take the initiative on their own to go out to an inspection site or a field tour and examine any violations in person, promising that those who carry out their work diligently would be rewarded and those who do not would be severely reprimanded.

He further asked the employees in the memo to have respect for public property and not to violate in that regard the articles of the constitution.

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