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Ministries said to craft memo banning india recruitment
December 23, 2014, 8:42 am

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor are coordinating to issue a decision for imposing a financial guarantee of KD 750 on Indians who desire to work in the public or private sectors of Kuwait. They will have to pay this amount at the Kuwaiti Embassy in India during the attestations procedures, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting security sources.

They affirmed that the step is in response to the procedures taken by the Indian government, without consulting the concerned authorities in Kuwait, to impose a financial guarantee of $2,500 on residents of Kuwait for hiring Indian domestic workers. They disclosed that the Indian Embassy in Kuwait has also demanded inspecting the houses and workplaces of the sponsors prior to bringing the Indian laborers, whom the latter hired, into the country.

The sources explained that the financial guarantee imposed by the Indian government will add to the financial burden of the Kuwaiti citizens, affirming that the implementation of such a procedure is unacceptable without the approval of the concerned authorities in the country.

They further explained that the step to obligate Indian personnel to pay the expensive fees while carrying out attestation procedures at the Kuwaiti Embassy in India is based on the principle of equal treatment.

The sources revealed that Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs are coordinating to prepare a memo for banning recruitment of workers from India because of the restrictions imposed by the Indian government for hiring Indian domestic personnel, adding that there are almost 830,000 Indian expatriates in Kuwait.

In another development, Acting Director of Public Department for Residency Affairs Major General Talal Marafie has urged all residents of Kuwait to comply with the Residency Law and update their data in their passports in order to avoid being fined.

He affirmed that the procedures taken in this regard are legal based on the laws of the country to organize the residency process in the country, stressing the need for all people to respect and comply with such laws and regulations.

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