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Ministries team visits Sulaibiya facility
October 19, 2015, 8:52 am

Ministerial delegation from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and representatives from civil society establishments visited the correctional facility complex in Sulaibiya recently accompanied by Assistant Undersecretary of Correctional Facilities Affairs in the Ministry of Interior Major General Khaled Al-Dayeen.

In a statement, Major General Al-Dayeen affirmed that inmates in the correctional facilities in Kuwait enjoy all the human rights endorsed by the international laws in accordance with recommendations and protocols concerning human rights in jails and detention centers. Major General Al-Dayeen indicated the correctional facilities in the country offer outstanding services to prisoners, reflecting development and improvement in the standard by which Kuwait deals with its inmates.

Al-Dayeen pointed out that civil society establishments, the human rights organizations and public utility institutions have visited various correctional facilities in the country for the past five years, and the correctional facilities in Kuwait are established on ideal principles in dealing with prisoners based on the Bangkok Declaration.

Other officials accompanying the delegation were the Director General of Public Relations and Security Media Brigadier Adel Al- Hashash, and Director General of the Correctional Facilities Major General Ibrahim Al-Essa.

Source: Arab Times

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