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Ministry compiles database on fugitives and terrorists
September 14, 2015, 10:04 am

The Ministry of Interior has compiled a comprehensive database of people wanted by law and members of the banned terrorist organizations to prevent them from entering the country, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting knowledgeable sources.

The sources said intelligence information collected by the State Security system has significantly contributed to the establishment of the vital data collecting center to prevent the entry of suspects into the country.

The sources added all applications related to visit visas and work permits are subject to State Security scrutiny. The sources pointed out, this procedure is a vital line of defense to prevent the entry of suspects who are loyal and sympathetic to the terrorist organizations. The sources pointed out among those who are banned from entering the country are suspect citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States, and Arabs and Europeans.

As the security authorities continue to interrogate three employees for helping ‘wanted … travel-banned’ leave the country, one of the suspects has reportedly told interrogators that the fourth suspect, who is at large, helped persons leave the country, particularly those wanted by law in State Security cases, reports Al-Jarida daily.

The suspect who has given this information and who was arrested with two other female employees said his colleague, identified only as A.A., went underground after a senior official told him detectives from the State Security were looking for him. The security authorities are said to have slapped a travel ban on this ‘absconding’ suspect after it was proven beyond doubt that he is the one who helped four Bedoun leave the country using forged passports.

The employee also confessed that A.A. facilitated the travel of a number of people wanted by law in State Security cases, among them a female Twitter user and two citizens wanted in connection with serious security crimes. The employee also admitted to helping an Iranian enter the country although he did not hold residence permit and not registering his name in the computer system in return for KD 10,000. He told interrogators he does not know the whereabouts of this Iranian. He also admitted to helping a number of persons mainly Egyptians (wanted by law) to leave the country, illegally.

An extensive study on the most famous social networking website ‘Twitter’ in Kuwait has revealed large groups feed small groups with information to implement their own agendas, reports Al-Shahed daily. These large groups have basic followers who formulate news in a different and striking manner and the small groups feed on them.

A 15-day study which was conducted by about 20 researchers has concluded that intelligence services and embassies of foreign countries and aspiring politicians, criminals and persons wanted by law for committing ecrimes and other crimes are involved. The study also showed some users are neither affiliated to the criminal network nor aware of who they are working for or whose suspicious agendas they serve. However, they swallow the bait, fall into the trap, and unknowingly contribute to the destruction of their homeland in the name of the freedom of expression and desire to become famous.

However, it is strange that non-Kuwaitis, mostly stateless people or the so-called Bedoun, the Iranians, Saudis, Qataris and the Emiratis, in addition to Egyptians, Syrians and the Lebanese, and Jordanians interfere in the affairs of the country and severely criticize the policy of the State of Kuwait to damage the relationship among the segments of the society

Source: Arab Times

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