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Ministry employee arrested in labor manipulation scheme
June 17, 2015, 2:58 pm

Residency affairs detectives apprehended a female employee at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor who received gifts and cash in exchange of increasing the number of employees needed in a company, according to Al-Rai Daily. A security source said that an undercover agent informed Director General of Residency Affairs Investigations Department Brigadier Saud Al-Khader of a forgery in one of the departments, so information was gathered and the suspect identified and arrested.

The employee confessed that she manipulated the estimations of required employees. She admitted that she gave a company leeway for 65 workers, when all it needed was four, adding that she received gifts in exchange. The company owner, however, said he benefited from this and used 18 visas in total. Both were sent to concerned authorities.

Manipulation of the number of workers assigned to a company is a common way to allow human traffickers to issue visas and use them to bring labor forces to Kuwait. The ministry decides the maximum number of employees each company can hire depending on the nature of works that it does.

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