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Ministry of Health owes KD 20 million to doctors, lack of budget cause
June 21, 2017, 10:31 am

Ministry of Health owes a total of KD 20 million to doctors for their work in evening clinics for the past nine months, reports Aljarida daily quoting informed sources.

They said the concerned doctors had requested several times for settlement of the outstanding remunerations, and the hospital administrations had in turn submitted letters to health zones, which were then forwarded to the ministry.

However, “nothing has been done so far in this regard” according to a number of doctors. The sources stressed that Ministry of Health responded to these claims by claiming lack of budget for evening clinics and other requirements.

They explained that Ministry of Health had determined the number of working hours in the evening shift as four hours for five days a week. It also set the remunerations for additional work for doctors, medical staff, and technical and administrative staff who work during the evenings.

The additional wages per hour for those who work after the official hours are as follows: – KD 10 for specialist doctors of high grade, and KD 8 for the lowest, KD 5 for therapists, KD 4 for pharmacists, nursing staff, and health technicians and KD 3 for administrators. For the surgical team, the wages of a surgeon who performs major operations after the official working hours is KD 20 per hour.


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