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Ministry of Health ponders replacing expats in various departments
January 16, 2017, 8:25 am

Minister of Health Dr. Jamal Al-Harbi has given directions to the top ministry officials to intensify surveillance on the departments and deal with the laggards at work no matter their positions.

The daily quoting a reliable source added the assistant undersecretary will deal with any failure or mistake committed by the personnel. He also said the list of names of nominees for the assistant undersecretaries’ position will be submitted to Civil Service Council, and it includes the Director of International Relations Dr. Narjes Al-AbdulGhafour.

The same source added the ministry is currently considering implementation of the replacement policy in its administrative and financial departments, indicating the ministry has prepared the names of expatriates working in the ministry, especially in fi nancial and administrative affairs. The source revealed the ministry’s intention to distribute over 600 expatriate personnel to the ministry, hospitals and other departments gradually.

Source: Arab Times

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