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Ministry of Interior issues warning on dependent visa
June 17, 2013, 12:04 am

Assistant Undersecretary Lt. General Sheikh Faisal Nawaf Al-Sabah has urged those holding dependent visas and engaging in employment not to violate the rules of the visa, which is given by law to the wife, children, father and mother as per their age. “Those having dependent visas should not misuse their visa or work for others, because once we catch them, we shall not listen to excuses and other claims.

If anyone is caught working at a place while holding a dependent visa, legal action will be taken against him or her and against his or her sponsor. The sponsor will be held accountable and shall be banned from sponsoring anyone in future, and the violator shall be deported regardless of his or her circumstances, since he or she has violated the law and did not abide by the regulations,” he stated. Noting that the month of Ramadan is approaching, Lt General Faisal Al-Nawaf said the ministry has put in place some strict regulations and will take action against expats who misuse visit visas and practice begging in front of masjids, houses, commercial areas and other places.

He added that he has prepared a security plan to arrest those who use the festive atmosphere during Ramadan to cheat citizens and expats and make easy money through begging. Lt General Al-Faisal warned that those caught begging would be deported along with their sponsors for violating the laws.

He also called on citizens and expats holding dependent visas to abide by the rules and also prevent their sponsors from breaking the law, in order for both to avoid legal action.



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