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Ministry of Justice new centers improve services - official
August 24, 2015, 10:00 am

A senior official at the Ministry of Justice on Sunday said that the new centers opened by the ministry have helped offer better and speedier services to people. These centers have reached areas where people, both citizens and expats, gather, offering the ministry's services in the morning and the afternoon, the Acting Undersecretary Bader Al-Zamanan said in a statement.

The success realized by the step has prompted the ministry to consider opening more centers in all governorates responding to people's requests, especially litigants, he noted. Al-Zamanan stressed the ministry's keenness on expanding services of concern to all categories of the society such as providing powers of attorney, judicial information, legal documentations and some real estate transactions. The eighth and latest of these centers was opened in South Surra, he said.

Source: KUNA

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