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Ministry opens 1st Old-timers' Cafe on Failaka Island
November 22, 2015, 9:13 am

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor announced on Saturday the opening of the first Old-timers' cafe on the Failaka Island since the liberation of Kuwait in 1991.

Ministry's Assistant Undersecretary for Social Devolopment Affairs Ali Al-Roumi, who is also head of the Old-timers' Cafe Board, added that the card is part of a plan aiming to promote domestic tourism, making the utmost of tourist sites nationwide.

The cafe offers various services, including traditional foods, besides organizing contests and celebrations, both national and religious, Al-Roumi said.

The board has plans to hold recreational activities for all ages so that people could enjoy the time they spend on the island, he said.

Source: KUNA

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