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Ministry rejects report maids sexually assaulted in shelter
June 23, 2015, 10:35 am

Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor is dismissing allegations contained in a recent report issued by the website for migrant worker’s rights which says the female domestic workers (maids) resorting to the Shelter for Domestic Personnel for help are sexually abused, reports Al-Rai daily.

In a statement, the Deputy Director of Public Authority for Manpower Ahmad Al-Musa said the allegations indicated in the report lack substance and defames the center’s image in view of the fact that the shelter is the first of its kind in Middle East in terms of capacity, treatment, and services provided to the expatriate personnel.

He added the report includes the testimonies of three Ghanaian female domestic workers; one of them claiming she was sexually assaulted by a female employee at the shelter and later prevented from receiving medical care in the clinic.

The maid alleged the security worker had touched her private parts more than once, and also addressed her by indecent language.

Meanwhile, investigations conducted on the incident which took place in February 2015, as mentioned in the report, while the center was manned by Hadi Al- Enezi indicated the allegations are unfounded.

The alleged female security officer affirmed that the center is their second home and they protect its name, indicating they neither molested nor sexually abused any inmate nor stopped them from visiting the clinic.

He went on saying that Ghana has no embassy in Kuwait, although it has a representative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who is always in touch with the center to ease processing of their travel documents and follow up the condition of his people, adding the Ghanaian representative has commended the level of treatment and services the center offers the expatriate personnel in general.

He stressed the alleged sexual abuse of the maid is unfounded because surveillance cameras are installed at the center to monitor their activities, stressing the female security personnel in the center are efficient and they perform their duties with diligence. He invited all stakeholders to visit the center to verify it’s operating in line with international conventions of human rights.


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