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Ministry sanctions new electricity, water tariff
March 4, 2017, 9:38 am

Minister of Oil, Electricity, and Water Essam Al-Marzouq on Thursday sanctioned the new tariffs of electricity and water consumption provided for in law No 20/2016.

The price of a kilowatt for the investment and commercial sector will be five fils, and KD 2 for a thousand gallons of water, the ministry said in a statement. The investment sector refers to apartment buildings, while the commercial sector refers to shops.

As for the agricultural and the industrial sector, a kilowatt will be for three fils, and a thousand gallons KD 1.25. Other sectors, including chalets and stables, will pay 12 fils for a kilowatt, and a KD 2 for a thousand gallons. The statement noted that the cabinet had ordered the maximum tariffs to be applied on the government sector (citizens’ houses), 25 fils for each kilowatt and KD 4 for a thousand gallons of water.

The law has exempted private houses from the rise in tariffs that will be enforced on the commercial sector on 22 May, the investment sector 22 August, the agricultural and the industrial sector on November 22, then on the other ones on 22 February, 2018. 

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