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Mixed views on Akon’s tour cancellation
April 13, 2015, 10:27 am

MPs have expressed opposing views on the cancellation of American singer Akon’s concert which was scheduled for Saturday. The decision was taken after some lawmakers like MP Hamoud Al-Hamdan issued statements warning that they will not hesitate in going against actions deemed disrespectful or considered a violation of the country’s morals and religion. He asserted the lawmakers will not tolerate such acts.

MP Mohammed Al-Enizi said he contacted the minister of information prior to the concert and requested him not to allow Akon to enter the country, for his music goes against Kuwait’s Islamic and cultural principles.

On the other hand, MP Rakaan Al-Nusuf pointed out the ministries of information and interior initially allowed the concert. He said all governmental permits and licensing procedures have been approved and secured, yet the concert was cancelled. He considers the cancellation a violation of constitutional rights, legal procedures and freedom.

This prompted the MP to submit a number of queries to the ministers. He wants to know the reason behind the cancellation of the event, considering police officers were dispatched to the venue hours before it started instructing the organizers to cancel the concert.

The MP also wants to know if the Ministry of Interior issued an official written instruction on the cancellation or if the directive was verbal. He asked if there has been a similar case in the past three years, requesting a report on canceled concerts in the past and reasons for taking this step. Meanwhile, Secretary General of the National Coalition Bashar Al-Sayegh criticized the decision.

He argued the Ministry of Information allowed the concert under the sponsorship of its youth affairs counterpart with the support of the Interior Ministry. He claimed the Interior Ministry demanded for cancellation of the event due to pressure from some lawmakers. He asserted the government should not succumb to such pressure, indicating this is a violation of people’s freedom.

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