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MoCI issues some new rules to regulate promotion campaigns
January 29, 2015, 4:07 pm

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has put forth some rules and regulations to organize promotion campaigns arranged by some companies including instant gifts and winners drawn from a lot. It stated the value of the gifts specified in the coupon and submitted to the ministry has to be compatible with the actual value of the gift - the value for which it is sold to the customers. The ministry statement said the value of the gift should not be less than KD 250 when coupons are distributed free.

In another case, the ministry said when the promotion is linked to compulsory purchase or if the promotion is related to services the first prize should not be less than KD600 and the last KD 75 and that the draw should not be for more than 50 prizes.

On the conditions of the coupons, the ministry said, all of them should have the same color and same size for free offers. They should be meant only for the customers, the company should make the employees and their families ineligible to participate in the draw, and valid only in Kuwait.

In addition the period of the draw should not be less than three months and more than 10 months, unless the ministry makes an exception. 

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