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MoE Finalizes Non-Accreditation Of Some Universities, Courses
March 28, 2014, 9:49 am

Minister of Education and Higher Education Ahmed Al-Mulaifi has stressed the need to finalize talks on controversies surrounding the authentication of certificates issued by certain universities abroad. Speaking to reporters after meeting members of the Educational Affairs Committee on Thursday, the minister pointed out the only way to address the problem is to use academic standards.

According to Arab Times report, he said they also discussed the proposed suspension of enrollment in some universities abroad, affirming both the Ministry of Education and the committee have agreed that education is a national issue. He commended the committee members for their cooperation, especially since most of them are academicians.

On the accreditation of some universities and courses, Al-Mulaifi revealed the ministry has taken a final decision on the non-accreditation of these universities and courses. He said the ministry had proposed conducting examinations for students who obtained these certificates, indicating the proposal was discussed with the committee and the ministry is now waiting for the latter’s decision. He explained the acceptance or rejection of certificates will be on a case-bycase basis in accordance with the observed conditions.

Meanwhile, committee member Khalil Abdullah considers the act of a student, who presents fake or unrecognized certificate, a threat to national security. He confirmed there has been an agreement to hold accountable anyone who approves or endorses unrecognized certificates.

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