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MoH seeks cash comp for doctors not going on leave
April 11, 2015, 12:38 pm

Head of Kuwait Medical Association Dr Mohammad Hamdan Al- Muteiri said the Ministry of Health has asked the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to approve the proposal to grant cash compensation for Kuwaiti doctors unable to go on annual leave due to the nature of their work, reports a local daily. Speaking on the sidelines of the association’s meeting with Undersecretary of the ministry Dr Khalid Al-Sehlawi, Al-Muteiri disclosed they discussed a number of issues concerning doctors.

He pointed out the abovementioned recommendation was presented in the meeting according to the demand of the association. He said there are times that doctors cannot enjoy their leave days because of the demands of their job, so the association presented the idea of granting them cash compensation. He went on to say several other ministries and governmental bodies allow their employees to cash their unused leave days; hence, the need to grant the same privilege to doctors as motivation for them to provide better services to the public.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of Kuwait Nursing Association Sami Al-Muteiri said the conference entitled, ‘Power of Change for the Health of the Generation’, which will be organized by the association from April 26-27 is considered the biggest medical gathering in Kuwait and in the Gulf region in 2015 because of its goals and the expected rate of participation, says Al- Seyassah.

Al-Muteiri pointed out the most remarkable aspect of the event is the gathering of several experts from East to West; while its goals will definitely gain scientific significance through the presence of doctors, academicians, lecturers and experts in the nursing field. He said the conference will include workshops and seminars in which more than 200 doctors with different fields of specialization and heads of pharmaceutical units at Ministry of Health are expected to participate. He also appealed to all the concerned people to join hands in ensuring success of the conference. In another development, Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority has requested Ministry of Health for the administrative decisions it took to recruit, promote, transfer, terminate and retire those who were subjected to the financial disclosure process, reports Al-Anba daily quoting informed sources.

They revealed that the authority also requested the ministry for a new update on the names of the officials working in the ministry and those subjected to the rules of the Decree 24/2012 related to establishment of the authority in order to complete the financial disclosure process. The Public Relations and Security Media Department of Ministry of Interior announced in a press statement that the main information system is back in operation along with the computers and electronic systems linked to databases and security information applications in all sectors of the ministry.

The technical operation teams at the Communications and Information Technology Department have tested the systems to ascertain their efficiency and performances. And, Undersecretary of Ministry of Education Dr Haitham Al-Athari has issued instructions to cancel the contract of bringing fresh flowers to the offices of assistant undersecretaries on a weekly basis, with the aim of reducing unwanted expenses from the public funds, reports Al- Shahed daily.

Sources explained that Dr Al- Athari was studying all the contracts when he noticed one with a flower shop for bringing bouquets of fresh flowers to the offices of assistant undersecretaries. He immediately ordered the cancellation of the contract as well as many others that served minimal purpose.

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