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MoH set to recruit nurses from India
April 12, 2014, 7:50 am

A delegation from the Ministry of Health will travel soon to India and the Philippines to recruit nurses in a bid to fill the nursing staff vacancies in hospitals and medical centers, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources.

Sources revealed about 200 nurses will be interviewed, but the recruitment delegation will choose only the applicants who will meet the requirements and conditions; such as experience in the field. Sources said this step was taken after the ministry noticed the shortage of nurses in a number of health institutions, in addition to the opening of new hospitals and medical centers.

Meanwhile, in response to a request by MP Khalil Al-Saleh to issue strict instructions to concerned personnel to be firm with expatriates particularly those working in the food sector to prevent the spread of hepatitis, Minister of Health Dr Ali Al-Obeidi was reportedly quoted as saying the percentage of people affected by the disease is ‘normal’ and that there is no need for the people to panic, reports Al-Rai daily.

However, Al-Obeidi stressed on the fact that the Ministry of Health has been carrying out medical checks on expatriates when they enter the country particularly from countries where this disease is prevent. He also thanked MP Al-Saleh and other parliamentarians for raising the issue because it concerns the entire society.

Meanwhile, Al-Saleh has said the disease is spreading and must be controlled in its early stage by intensifying preventive measures. In the meantime, the Kuwait Investment Authority is studying the issue of funding the establishment and operation of the Medical Insurance Company, reports Annahar daily quoting sources.

The same sources said this step will help accelerate the implementation of the project especially that funding this project will not disturb the KIA plans. Meanwhile, it has been reported the capital paid for the project is KD 230 million, and is expected to raise it to KD 300 million. It has been disclosed 50 percent of the shares will be allocated for the citizens through the Initial Public Offering.

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