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MoI cracks down on Kuwaitis driving cars with Gulf plates
October 4, 2015, 8:38 am

All Kuwaiti motorists who own and drive cars with license plates from Gulf countries have one month during which they must turn in these license plates to be replaced by Kuwaiti ones, said a Ministry of Interior official yesterday.

Some Kuwaiti motorists drive cars with license plates from Gulf countries and use them to break serious traffic rules, thinking erroneously that the arm of the law will not reach them because they are driving cars with foreign license plates, said the ministry’s assistant undersecretary for traffic affairs Maj Gen Abdullah Al-Muhanna in a press statement.

He said some of the traffic infractions these motorists commit are very serious, such as running red lights and driving at outrageous speeds. The worst number of traffic violations a Kuwaiti motorist committed driving a car with Gulf license plates topped 1,645, drawing fines of KD 57,575, said a ministry official.

Source: KUNA

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