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MoI destroys 6,545 cartons of confiscated liquor bottles
March 4, 2015, 8:57 am

Some 6,545 cartons of imported liquor confiscated in line with Ministerial Decision No. 1229/2012 were destroyed upon court verdicts in the presence of Colonel Khalid Al-Banou, head of Liquor Inventory Committee affiliated to the General Investigations Department. Colonel Al-Banou declared that 5,677 cartons of liquor, 803 inside plastic bottle, 37 in metallic ware, and 28 in another type of container were destroyed.

He said a 10-member committee for the last two months verified the quantity of the contraband confiscated from various parts of the country and recorded them in detail. He lauded the role played by security operatives to clamp down on drug trafficking to ensure success of the fight against drug abuse and to protect society.

Meanwhile, two Asian expatriates were arrested for running an illegal business of brewing liquor inside a house in Sabah Al-Ahmad City from where securitymen confiscated 760 bottles of liquor and 12 barrels of raw material. According to security sources, when Ahmadi Security Directorate received information about the illegal activity of the two Asian expatriates in Sabah Al-Ahmad area, a team was formed based on instructions from the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs at Ministry of Interior Major General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali to conduct investigations and raid the house. Securitymen arrested the two suspects and confiscated from the house 760 bottles of liquor, 8 gas cylinders, 12 barrels filled with liquor and equipments used for brewing liquor.

The suspects confessed that they were planning to sell the liquor bottles for KD 8-10 each. They were referred with the confiscated items to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action against them. Meanwhile, Farwaniya securitymen arrested two Asian expatriates in possession of 70 bottles of locally brewed liquor in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area, They were referred with the liquor bottles to the concerned authorities for necessary legal measures.

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