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MoI gearing up for ‘never before’ raid to trap illegals
November 17, 2015, 10:27 am
Kuwait’s Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled meets Kuwaiti students in the UAE.

The Ministry of Interior is preparing a nationwide campaign, like never before to arrest the more than 113,000 expatriate violators of residence and labor laws who have until now succeeded in hoodwinking the security authorities, reports Al- Qabas daily quoting knowledgeable security sources.

The sources added most departments in the ministry will participate in the campaign expected to be launched soon at a number of places which are believed to harbor these violators.

The source added the violators belong to several nationalities topped by the Indians with 28,000, with Bangladeshis in second place with 23,000, Sri Lankans 17,000, Egyptians 9,000, Filipinos 8,000, Syrians 7,000, Pakistanis 3,000, Iranians 1,500 and the Iraqis 1,400. The source stressed those who harbor the violators shall be held legally accountable. The ministry has called on the violators to turn themselves in and modify their status.

Security tightened

The Interior Ministry has tightened security measures following the recent terrorist attacks in Lebanon and France, reports Al-Rai daily. According to a high-level security source senior security officers met in the aftermath of the bombings in Beirut and Paris and agreed to tighten precautionary security measures and raise the level of readiness to deal with any emergency or acts of sabotage.

The meeting was attended by personnel from the State Security, investigation and intelligence departments.

The source pointed out among the immediate measures to be taken are to keep a tight lid on the extremists by putting them under surveillance to ensure stability and look for clues if anyone living in Kuwait had any links to the recent terrorist attacks in Lebanon and France.

Source: Arab Times

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