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MoI gears up for raids if illegal arms not returned
May 9, 2015, 10:23 am

 Parallel to the ongoing illegal firearms and explosives collection campaign which is due to end on June 22, an official source in the Ministry of Interior disclosed that the ministry through its concerned agencies is preparing a list of names of citizens and expatriates possessing illegal firearms in their houses or places they own, and have declined to surrender the weapons to security agencies in the course of the four months deadline set by concerned authorities.

The source indicated preparation of the list is considered a preliminary move to deal with violators by raiding the places they have kept the illegal weapons hidden. The operation is due to start immediately after the end of the grace period, he added. The source affirmed that concerned agencies are on standby to undertake the task by raiding and searching the locations where weapons are believed to be hidden.

The source explained the concerned security agencies know about several citizens and expatriates, political figures and former MPs who possess unlicensed weapons, and a team of detectives has been formed to monitor these people and the places where they are hiding their illegal weapons. Meanwhile, the Director of Public Relations and Security Media Department in the Ministry of Interior Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash affirmed that “there is no place for slackness in the campaign to collect illegal weapons, and there will be no exceptions because the matter concerns the national security and the safety and protection of the people of Kuwait”.

Brigadier Al-Hashash added the ministry is ongoing with the campaign with determination and commitment, being the basis of dealing with anyone who plays around or attempts to play around with the country’s security. He emphasized the grace period ends on June 22 “and after that, the law will take its natural course”. Al-Hashash reiterated that anyone trading in illegal firearm, ammunitions and explosives could face jail term not exceeding 10 years and fined no less than KD 50,000 after the deadline on June 22. He added “those who are found in possession of illegal weapons could be sentenced to a minimum of five years in prison and fined at least KD 10,000. In the meantime, the collection centers in all security directorates in various governorates are still operating and ready to receive anyone who surrenders his or her illegal weapon”.

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