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MoI keeps up pressure on traffic violators
August 2, 2013, 12:11 pm

Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Maj Gen Abdelfattah Al-Ali said the traffic sector continues its efforts to restore traffic discipline on the street and keep traffic flowing smoothly. He said this comes at the instructions of First Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al-Hmoud Al-Sabah, and closely monitored by Undersecretary Gen Ghazi Al-Omar.

Ali said since a large number of drivers leave their cars in no parking areas causing traffic obstructions and endanger the life of others while others leave their cars on pavements or park them in spots designated for the handicapped, it was decided to use tougher measures in the form of impounding cars. The traffic law states that if a car is found parked in no parking areas, waits in places that may obstruct traffic flow, found on pavements or abandoned on public roads or if found parked in areas designated for the handicapped, it will be towed away. Ali said the rules will be strictly applied in order to have traffic discipline on all roads of Kuwait.

Since April at least 2,000 traffic violations were registered including a thousand tickets issued directly on the street, while thousands of people were reportedly deported over immigration laws. Statistics published by a local daily yesterday indicate that issuance of new driving licenses dropped from an average of 8,000 a month to only 1,200 as a result of intensified procedures. Statistics also indicate that 8,000 licenses were canceled in the past four months, while KD 25 million in fines were collected.

The ministry has disclosed it has deported violators who were caught driving without a driver’s license, used private cars to ferry passengers for money, ran red lights for a second time and exceeded the speed limit by over 40 km. Foreigners living in Kuwait need to meet certain requirements in order to apply for a driver’s license, including having a valid work visa, a university degree and a minimum salary of KD400 a month

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