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MoI refutes 'fabricated' news over weapons warehouse in Jleeb
June 22, 2016, 8:35 am

The Interior Ministry denied as 'baseless' news reports circulated by a number of social media outlests about a weapons warehouse in Jleeb Al-Shyoukh area.

The Security Media Department of the Ministry of Interior said in a press statement that what was found following a fire that broke out in a house was just a metal box containing 250 empty M-16 gun shots which belonged to a Bangladeshi expatriate selling scrap iron, ore and copper.

The statement said that the pictures which were enclosed with the report in the social media pertained an old report announced by the Ministry, a matter that is fraudulent and a distortion of the truth and away from publication credibility.

The Security Media Department affirmed that its doors are wide open for those seeking to inquire about any security news, urging all to elicit news from official and documented sources in order to avoid causing confusion and rumors.

It said that the Interior Ministry reserves its legal right to sue the publisher for this "fabricated" news. 

Source: KUNA

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