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MoI seeks to extend call on unlicensed arms
February 8, 2015, 9:03 am

Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Khalid Al- Hamad Al-Sabah intends to demand all ministers and undersecretaries of all ministries and governmental institutions to hand over their unlicensed weapons immediately prior to the end of the four-month grace period in order to avoid legal procedures, security sources say.Earlier, the minister had urged members of the ruling family to hand over their unlicensed weapons, an initiative that was commended by the lawmakers.

The sources said a special department will be established within the new organizational structure of Ministry of Interior which will be responsible for collecting weapons, adding that this department will have branches in all governorates.

They revealed that comprehensive inspection campaigns and raids will be carried out after the grace period and strict measures will be taken against the outlaws. Meanwhile, Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Sulaiman Al-Fahad has urged the concerned military officials to ask their employees to deliver the unlicensed weapons and ammunition in their possession like other citizens in order to avoid facing penalties during inspection campaigns.

He affirmed that the process of receiving the unlicensed weapons will be carried out confidentially during the allotted grace period.

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