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MoI streamlines powers to curb deportations, checking
April 5, 2014, 9:46 am

Ministry of Interior continues to regulate the activities of its security agencies, in an attempt to avert criticism on the infringement of rights and accusations related to abuse of authority, which the ministry has been receiving in recent days. In line with recent developments, the Interior Ministry Undersecretary Lieutenant General Suleiman Al-Fahad has issued a ministerial decision stipulating the conditions of setting security check-points in the country.

The decision authorizes the Undersecretary of Interior as the sole authority to order deportation, noting the power has been stripped from the assistant undersecretaries and other officials in the ministry.

As regards the order of establishing security check-points, which has been circulated to all police and field sectors, it is not permissible to conduct security checks in any area or street without the approval of the central operations sector.

Also, the security check-points should be manned by at least an officer and two patrol cars.

Earlier, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Muhammad Al-Khaled had issued instructions authorizing the Interior Undersecretary to order deportations.

He ordered the assistant undersecretaries and other officials in the ministry must refer a letter to the ministry’s undersecretary listing the names of individuals on the deportation roll and reasons behind the deportation requests, so as to determine each case to approve or disapprove of it.

Sources from the Interior Ministry indicated the new decisions came as a result of rising number of complaints from citizens and expatriates, and increasing the number of criticism from the human rights establishments- both locally and internationally, in relation to abuse of administrative deportation orders without judicial ruling- especially on issues related to traffic violations.

Sources added the new rules and regulations adopted by the ministry are for public welfare, and it would stop the infringement of rights and encourage civilized dealings with the law of the country.

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