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MoSAL to allocate 787 workers to serve inmates with special needs at SWS
September 24, 2016, 8:22 am

Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has been working on allocating 787 male and female workers to serve inmates with special needs at the Social Welfare Sector (SWS) through a three-year contract that will ensure the workers provide all necessary services to the inmates.

According to a source, the services will be offered to the Disabled Department, Family Nursery Department, Old People Welfare Department, Medical Therapy Department and Vocational Training Department. He explained that the workers will be categorized as inmate service technicians, service supervisors, training managers, assistant service managers, service managers, hair stylists and internal laundry service providers.

A total of 148 and 339 male and female workers respectively will be allocated to the Social Welfare Sector, and 141 and 49 male and female workers respectively will be assigned to South Sabahiya Center. There will also be 26 and 48 male and female laundry operators respectively, 8 male and 20 female supervisors, and 4 male and female hair stylists each.

This makes the total number of workers 327 men and 460 women. Regarding their monthly salaries, the source revealed that the service manager will receive KD 370, assistant service manager KD 270, training manager KD 220, service supervisor KD 160, inmate service technician KD 135, hair stylist KD 150 and laundry worker KD 85.

Source: Arab Times

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