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Modern style tips on the Kimono
September 2, 2018, 3:56 pm

Kimonos are the perfect clothing item to wear to look pretty. Inspired by traditional Japanese robes, contemporary kimonos have been given a modern update from prints, fringe to varying lengths—and will give any outfit a cool  vibe.  Kimonos can be worn with anything in your closet, from skinny jeans and heels or layered over a mini dress. Here are some ideas on how to style your kimonos.

Dress it up: Pairing with a simple, solid-colored dress is the best way. For a night out, you can even dress your blouse and jeans combo with a kimono in an eye catching print.

Go casual: In the summer, kimonos work really well with shorts, a plain tank and a pair of sandals. Another way to layer your kimono for casual attire is to wear one delicately draped over long-sleeved jean shirt. It will not look bulky and add a touch of class.

For those with a bolder style, try an ensemble of a graphic tee, animal-print slip-ons and chic jeans. This is a casual-cool look that is topped with an extra-long kimono.

Step in trendy footwear: If the kimono isn't going to be the star of the outfit, then the shoes better be. Pair your bright kimonos with over-the-knee or trendy ankle boots. Bonus points if your shoes subtly match the hues of your kimono perfectly.

Accessorize:  Don't be afraid to accessorize. If you're heading outdoors, think over and choose your accessorizes like bangles, necklaces or hats that complement the kimono and exude your own personal style.

Add some edge:  Introduce some edge into your ensemble with some leather pants, or fully embrace your inner rocker with a leather kimono.

Embrace the detailing:  When picking your kimono as the main piece in your outfit, select the one with unique detailing. Say, one with a fringed detailing will give any look a fun and bohemian spin. An alternate choice, a chic multi-print kimono is the perfect statement piece with its gorgeous colorful detailing.

 You can even pair a fringe kimono with a fringed purse, and it doesn't look odd.

Pastel goodness: Be mindful of your color scheme. Keep more muted, pastel colors together while being more adventurous with your bold ones.

Monochromatic:  To adhere to this trend, match the color of the kimono with the outfit.  This is the best option of chic and minimalism for the girl that likes to make a subtle statement.

Mix & Match: Don't be afraid to mix and max fabrics, textures and designs. For instance, a look with the inclusion of lace, fringe and scallop detailing gives a very on trend appearance.

Pop of Color: Use kimonos to give your outfit a pop of color. If your kimono has a wild print, keep the rest of the outfit pretty minimal. Kimonos are also an easy way to bring a little life to an all-black ensemble.

Layer your other outerwear: If the kimono isn't the focus of your outfit, use it as a way to create layers and drama. Like layer a kimono over or under a jacket. 

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