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Money collected for Syria Refugees falls in IS hands
May 23, 2015, 7:39 am

The Public Prosecution investigating the money collected on behalf of the Syrian refugees has discovered the money has fallen in the hands of the terrorist organization, the Islamic State or the so-called DAESH in what is seen as biggest terrorist financing activity at the current time, reports a local daily.

The daily quoting reliable sources said the State Security system followed up the issue and traced those responsible inside and outside Kuwait.

According to investigations three ‘societies’ collected the money on behalf of the Syrian refugees and instead channeled the money to DAESH in Syria. The same sources said five people have been detained in this connection — two Kuwaitis, a Saudi, a Syrian and an Egyptian – and detention renewal judge has renewed their detention for 10 more days.

The source pointed out many people are involved in the issue and during interrogation with the five accused, more names of persons are likely to surface – people from outside and inside Kuwait. The authorities expect the arrests to reach 20 people.

The source pointed three of those who are in custody of police are heads of money collecting campaigns. The source also said the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor had given them verbal approval to collect the money. Meanwhile, the Annahar daily said the suspects were detained a long time ago and the information the Public Prosecution has received in connection with financing terrorism is new.

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