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More arrests, seven refereed to prosecution
July 3, 2015, 9:33 am

The State Security apparatus is looking for four suspects — two Kuwaitis, a bedoun and a Saudi — in connection with the bombing of the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque last Friday, reports Al-Shahed daily. Security sources said the Saudi authorities have arrested a cleric from Riyadh for inciting the bomber to carry out the suicide bombing of the mosque in Sawaber. He reportedly accompanied the bomber to Bahrain on June 25 and put him on board Gulf Air Flight 170 to Kuwait.

In the meantime the Kuwaiti intelligence services are said to have received confidential information from their Saudi counterpart details of contacts between a Saudi cleric and three persons in Kuwait including a Kuwaiti preacher.

The Ministry of Interior is also coordinating efforts with the Iraqi, Bahraini and Saudi counterparts to nab persons who incite others particularly the youth to carry out acts of sabotage. Seven men who have been referred to the Public Prosecution for their role in the bombing of the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Sawaber have confessed to belonging to the Islamic State, reports Al-Jaridah daily.

The men have confessed that Abdulrahman dropped the bomber from a hotel to a mosque by the car belonging to Jarrah Al-Nimr and then went to Sulaibiya in another car with a Kuwaiti to Sulaibiya, then to Riqqa and then moved to another house at an unidentified location. The sources pointed phone calls were exchanged between the accused and DAESH in Syria. The suspects have also admitted to their association with the Islamic State in Syria and not Iraq.

The sources disclosed the family of Nimr, the owner of the car that took the bomber to Sawaber, belongs to the Jaafari (Shiite) doctrine but Nimr is the only one who decided to change his doctrine and join DAESH. The sources also said he knew about the bombing before it happened. Besides the seven men the Public Prosecution is also interrogating eight other men in connection with the bombing and is expected to demand maximum penalty. As the Public Prosecutor continues to interrogate the suspects accused of collaborating with the suicide bomber who blew himself up inside the Al-Sadiq Mosque in Sawaber, the State Security personnel are said to have taken into custody two more Kuwaitis suspected of involvement with the terrorist network after they appeared in several vides with Jarrah Al-Nimr, the owner of the car which was used to transport the bomber to the mosque, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to the daily, police raided the home of both men in Sulaibiya and whisked them away for interrogation to find out the extent of their relevance to the terrorist network. The daily added, the security authorities are pursuing all extremists and sympathizers with the Islamic State or the socalled DAESH and all those who are suspected of involvement in the act. The Public Prosecutor has decided to remand to police custody the five main suspects who are charged with providing logistic support to the suicide bomber Fahd Al-Kaba’a for further interrogation.

The daily added, the authorities have also slapped a travel ban on new suspects whose names appear on the list of the State Security police. Meanwhile, the Prosecutor has summoned more people to listen to their testimony — people whose names popped up during interrogation with men who already are in police custody. Some of these men are believed to be abroad.

In new confessions the defendants are said to have admitted to plotting to blow up the mosque during interrogation by the State Security apparatus. They also confessed to collecting funds to strengthen the organization through unlicensed campaigns. The defendants have acknowledged that the main objective of the campaign was to collect donations from inside and outside Kuwait to finance the purchase weapons for the DAESH.

The defendants were transferred from the state security building to the Public Prosecution amid tight security and a tight security cordon was thrown around the Palace of Justice. It is noteworthy to mention one of the defendants cried out ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he entered the office of the Public Prosecutor. The preliminary charges against the defendants include: joining a banned organization which promotes the takfiri thought, calling for disobeying State authorities, carrying out acts of sabotage and participating in a criminal conspiracy to commit a felony punishable by death and life imprisonment, killing individuals, possessing explosives and organizing and illegally collecting money directly and indirectly to support the deviate thought.

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs will start taking security measures, in cooperation with its Interior counterpart, including the installation of security check gates to detect metals and dangerous objects in mosques while some volunteers will be trained to operate these devices and inspect people who come to the mosques to pray, reports Al- Anba daily quoting Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Undersecretary Dr. Adel Al-Falah.

He said the deployment of security patrols in front of mosques will continue until the end of Ramadan, especially in places where there are Shiites mosques. He also unveiled a plan to install surveillance cameras around mosques. Head of the Union of Kuwaiti Imams, Preachers and Muezzins Sheikh Ahmad Abdulaziz Al-Falah affirmed that the imams and preachers of mosques do not encourage or provoke extremism or radicalism, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Indicating that such accusations against the imams and preachers are “cheap”, he said those who launch them do not have even a single evidence to prove those accusations. During the Ramadan annual meeting held by the union recently at the headquarters of International Islamic Charitable Authority under the slogan ‘Together against Extremism and Terrorism’, he stressed that good behavior is the right outcome of good upbringing.

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