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More held in Hezb-Link terror bust
August 15, 2015, 10:14 am

More than 20 suspects including Kuwaitis, Lebanese and Iranians have so far been MPs praise securitymen arrested over the case related to the Hezbollah terrorist cell which was recently busted; the exact number of suspects and their names will be revealed after investigations are completed, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting security sources. They explained that security systems are conducting thorough investigations to unravel all aspects related to the terrorist cell and to find out how such large quantities of weapons, ammunition and explosives were smuggled into the country.

Along with the weapons and ammunitions, detectives had also found diving suits and marine equipment in the Abdali farm and the houses of the three suspects in Abdullah Al-Mubarak and Rumaithiya areas. This indicates that the weapons could have been smuggled via sea or that the suspects were planning to use the diving suits and marine equipment for some marine operations later. The sources indicated that the weapons could have been smuggled into the country in batches over a period of several months.

Primary investigations have revealed the fact that the Kuwaiti ports as well as customs and coast guards suffer from security shortage and loopholes which must be handled. The sources reminded of the reports issued by American Congress two years ago which had warned that some ships have been entering and exiting Kuwait through its marine borders without being inspected. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief of Dubai Police Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan indicated that there are about 700 to 1,000 members of Lebanese Hezbollah Party in Kuwait. He affirmed that the weapons confiscated by Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior do not belong to three or four individuals but to a large group.

In his Twitter account, he warned about the danger of allowing Secretary-General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah to tamper with the Arab security. Lieutenant General Khalfan insisted that Kuwait’s Public Prosecutor must request his Lebanese counterpart to interrogate Hassan Nasrallah in this regard, request Interpol to issue an arrest warrant and form a GCC team to pursue Nasrallah. He stressed that Hezbollah has evil intentions against Kuwait and all other GCC countries but “Allah has been spoiling its plots”.

Lieutenant General Khalfan said Nasrallah is a rash person who must be included among the wanted international criminals, as he is the “secretary general of weapons, explosives, ammunition and evil”. He asked if Nasrallah is above the law even though he is a Lebanese citizen and commits huge mistakes, insisting that he will continue to be hostile against Muslims if he is not arrested because he has been collecting dollars from certain bodies for deepening the doctrinal and sectarian conflicts in the Arab World.

Indicating that Hezbollah aims to increase the conflicts among the Arab countries and break the Arab unity, Lieutenant General Khalfan addressed Nasrallah by asking, “Does the guardianship of the Supreme Leader require sending bombs, weapons and ammunition with the aim of attacking the stability of the GCC countries? Nasrallah, this is a terrorist act. Would you not condemn the terrorist acts committed by your group if they were done so behind your back?”

In addition, a box containing ammunition was confiscated from a lot in Jabriya area. When reports was received about a strange box that was placed behind a parked vehicle in a lot in Jabriya area, bomb squad and securitymen rushed to the location and checked the box to discover it contained a large quantity of ammunition. Investigations have been launched to find and arrest the unknown suspect who left the box at the location.


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