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More than 100 to run in Kuwait election
June 30, 2013, 10:19 am

More than 100 people have been nominated as candidates in Kuwait’s upcoming election in the first three days of the registration process, according to state media channel KUNA.

The snap election will be held on July 27 after the Constitutional Court ruled the December 1, 2012 poll was null and void.

The court was due to explain the legal reasoning for its decision on Wednesday but it was cancelled, making way for the Emir to confirm the date for the new election.

The December election had been held after the February 2011 poll was twice declared invalid.

Kuwait, which is the most democratic country in the Gulf, has suffered political instability for years, with unclear election guidelines and tensions between opposing parties.

Only 435,000 people are of voting age in Kuwait. They will elect a 50-member National Assembly for a four-year term.

However, constituents do not elect Cabinet ministers; they are selected by the prime minister, who in turn is appointed by the Emir and is usually a member of the ruling family.

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