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More to do against visa traders
October 1, 2015, 9:28 am

Steps taken to address the visa trading issue are not enough to restrain the ambitions of those engaged in this illegal activity, says MP Saud Aharija.

Aharija made the statement after receiving the responses of Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid to his questions about the companies accused of trading in visas and the level of coordination between the ministries of Interior, Social Affairs and Labor in solving the problem.

While praising the minister for quickly responding to his queries, the lawmaker wondered why the concerned authorities have yet to address the problem which started 11 years ago. He said there have been reports that the investigation and referral of visa traders to the Public Prosecution are biased considering only 336 out of 1,368 bogus companies were referred to the prosecution so he asked the minister to clarify this.

He said the minister has confirmed that the ministries of Interior, Social Affairs and Labor have coordinated their efforts to combat visa trading. He added the minister unveiled plans to intensify search and investigation of bogus companies; so if proven that these companies do not exist and their owners are trading in visas, the ministry will refer them to the prosecution, file cases and impose security restrictions on these companies.

Source: Arab Times

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