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Most dangerous man wanted in 99-yr-prison term arrested
March 26, 2014, 9:40 am

A Saudi national, who allegedly is one of the most dangerous criminals in the country, was arrested in possession of a Kalashnikov, due to his involvement in the recent shooting incident at Sulaibiya area. According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Interior, Media Security Department explained that Jahra securitymen noticed the suspect in some videos of the shooting incident in Sulaibiya area few days ago.

After conducting necessary investigations, they eventually managed to arrest him even though he tried to resist the arrest. They found with him a Kalashnikov and ammunition. It revealed that the suspect was wanted by law for escaping from a sentence of 99- year imprisonment for his involvement in a number of murder and criminal cases.

The department further revealed that he is the 18th suspect in the shooting incidents in Taima and Sulaibiya areas last week that targeted securitymen and patrol vehicles. Securitymen earlier arrested 17 suspects, which included two Syrians and a Kuwaiti citizen while the rest are Bedoun, and seized their vehicles, weapons and ammunition. The department indicated that inspection campaigns will be held in all governorates to seize unlicensed weapons and ammunition, and arrest their owners.

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