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Mother of jailed Kuwaiti tweeter to be deported
September 3, 2014, 8:39 am

Sources close to the family of citizen Abdullah Fairouz, who is doing five years in prison for slandering H.H. the Amir and two more years for slandering the judiciary and accusing state bodies of corruption, said that the Interior Ministry will deport his 66-year-old Egyptian mother “to maintain order and public interest”.

The sources said that Fairouz’s mother was arrested after visiting her son at the central prison and a deportation decision was made although she has been living in Kuwait for 40 years, is married to a Kuwaiti and has Kuwaiti children. “There is no legal reason for deporting her,” said the sources.

On learning about her deportation decision, the woman collapsed and was rushed to Farwaniya Hospital for treatment.

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