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Mother on trial for torturing daughter
October 1, 2014, 12:28 pm

A Kuwaiti mother will stand trial for torturing her daughter and refusing to provide her with any form of assistance. The mother, a school teacher, has also been barred from leaving Kuwait until the criminal court issues its verdict on October 22.

The case against her was filed by her ex-husband after he discovered that their daughter had been absent from school from 22 days and that she had been suffering from wounds and burns. A medical examination confirmed that the daughter had been the victim of physical abuse and torture and that the scars were visible.

The public prosecution conducted an investigation and charged the mother with deliberately harming her daughter and not providing the necessary care, local daily Al Rai reported on Wednesday.

A request by the public prosecution to the ministry of social affairs to take the young girl from her mother’s home and place her temporarily in a care home was turned down on the grounds that she had family and could not be removed from them. An investigation team tasked with taking the daughter from their home to the prosecution to give her testimony had to face the wrath and angry words of the mother who refused to let her accompany them, the daily added.

A judge issued an order to bring the mother and daughter to the court and decided to move the young girl to the custody of her father and to allow the ex-wife to go home after paying the KD500 bail.

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