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Mother’s milk prevents babies from diseases
August 1, 2015, 8:17 am

MoH raises awareness on breast-feeding

The Ministry of Health offers not only medical treatment to patients but also contributes to educating the public on healthy life-style and behaviors and acts, such as encouraging mothers to feed their babies with natural milk.

Breast-feeding is much more nourishing for the infants than the processed and manufactured milk, said Dr Mona Al-Al-Semaiee, the MoH’s coordinator of breastfeeding promotion prgrames, in an interview with KUNA. 

Newly-born who feed on their mothers’ milk in the first six month of growth are likely to be immune from health difficulties such as obestity, overweightedness and some diseases namely diabetes, therefore, the State of Kuwait relentlessly seeks to implement plans aimed at encouraging the babies’ natural nourishment and contain marketing of alternative and processed food for the babies.

In November 1997, a special committee was formed to encourage breastfeeding and implement an initiative, called “the hospital is the baby’s friend.” An implementation blueprint was worked out in 1998. Booklets were published and given to health centers and hospitals about measures to protect breastfeeding women.

The initiative was also launched in the country’s other hospitals, however, Al- Addan Hospital alone has been in the lead, with staff training on encouraging mothers on breastfeeding reaching 100 percent. Up to 85 perccent of the doctors received training on motherhood medicine. Moreover, breastfeeding clinics were established at hospitals in Al- Farwaniyah, Al-Jahraa, Hawally and Al- Assima. Most of the health clinics, specialized in breastfeeding and related illnesses, are run by international consultants. 

Source: KUNA

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