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Motorbikes, buggies seized, many caught in traffic raids
November 12, 2016, 8:34 am

Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs at Ministry of Interior Major General Fahad Al-Shuwaie revealed that the ministry launched several traffic campaigns in various parts of the country during which 53 traffic citations were issued, six vehicles, which were used for reckless driving and stunts, were seized, seven individuals were arrested and detained in police stations and four individuals were referred to Prosecution, and 45 motorbikes and buggies were seized.

In a press release issued by Ministry of Interior, he affirmed that campaigns will be carried out on a daily basis on main roads, highways, and coastal and residential areas in order to prevent the use of motorbikes and buggies, based on a ministerial decision in this regard.

Major General Al-Shuwaie said the buggies of those who violate this law will be seized, and the ministry will not bear any responsibility for the damages, if any, incurred while transporting the buggies to the seized-vehicle garage, indicating that field teams have been allocated to monitor this phenomenon with the aim of eradicating it.

He stressed that traffic safety is a societal responsibility that requires tremendous efforts for ensuring safety on the roads. He highlighted the importance of the role of families and guardians in watching over their children and preventing them from using buggies on highways and other banned areas. 

Source: Arab Times

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