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Move to tighten controls on hawkers, illegal advertisements
August 15, 2017, 9:44 am

Kuwait Municipality is launching a campaign titled 'With Your Cooperation, we make it Beautiful' on August 20 with the aim of improving public cleanliness in the governorates and tighten controls on street hawkers, illegal advertisements, violating cleaning companies and encroachments on state properties.

In this regard, the Public Relations Department of Kuwait Municipality explained that the campaign will last for three months. It will be carried out in coordination with the departments of Public Cleanliness, Road Works, Monitoring and Follow-up of Municipality Services, Emergency teams and sectors for removal of irregularities in the branches of the municipality which will carry out the inspections in accordance with a specified schedule.

The campaign includes intensifying the supervisory role of competent regulatory bodies by following up the work of cleaning companies on a daily basis and verifying their commitment to periodically cleaning and disinfecting the containers. Penalties and fines stipulated in the terms of the contracts with the municipality will be imposed for any violations.

The department highlighted that the campaign will also include elimination of the phenomenon of random markets and street hawkers who sell food items and other goods in public places and within the compounds of mosques, adding that the campaign will also include deterrent measures against the phenomenon of beggary by cleaning company’s workers.

Source: Arab Times


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