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Municipal Council endorses 1st phase of pan-GCC railway
January 22, 2015, 8:28 am
The Municipal Council session

The Municipal Council approved in an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday the first stage of the pan-GCC railway system which will cut through Kuwait.

The first stage cuts through Kuwait from the south and stretches to Al-Abdali north, provided that the railway tracks span 70 meters in width. An extra 200 meters will augment that at this time pending further studies as to the final look of the system in its entirety when completed.

Having approved the first stage of the mega project, the Council turned the matter over to the ministry of communication to coordinate its plans with other government ministries and agencies regarding the pathway of the railway tracks in Kuwait.

Among some changes that would have to be done as they might be obstacles in the pathway, the Council agreed to set aside an alternative location for a livestock project run by the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries.

The Council also approved cutting away over two million sq.meters from the location of the southern air base and endorsed the relocation of the ministry of Education's boy scouts campsite.
Also to be relocated is the storage warehouse belonging to the Kuwait Flour Mills Co. and another one belonging to the Public Authority for Industry.

Other relocations involve moving the site of the town set for housing blue-collar labor, a truck stop in the region of Um Al-Aish, and TV transmission towers belonging to the ministry of Information, all seen as obstacles in the way of the railway tracks.

Furthermore, the Council stressed that farm owners whose properties stand in the way of the tracks in the region of Wafra should be duly compensated for the relocation of their farms.

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