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Municipality campaigns target vehicles parked on roads, shops and cafes
March 24, 2015, 11:23 am

A recent campaign conducted by officials of the Public Sanitation and Road Encroachment  Department at the Kuwait Municipality branch in Hawally resulted in the impounding of 12 vehicles and issuance of 15 citations for unauthorized use and encroachment on roadsides and open spaces.

In a press statement, the department disclosed the campaign covered several shops, cafes and open public spaces in Salmiya. The officials verified whether the owners of the impounded vehicles secured a permit before displaying the vehicles for sale, while many of them violated regulations on obtaining the permit and other vehicles were abandoned in those locations. Department Supervisor Khalid Al-Azemi headed the team of officials from Hawally Municipality, while the police team was led by Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Al-Dammak.

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