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Municipality closes down some market stalls selling spoiled fish
August 30, 2015, 11:04 am

Inspection teams from Capital Municipality held a campaign in the fish stalls at Mubarakiya market and Souq Sharq where they confiscated large quantities of spoiled fish and closed down some stalls that were caught selling them. Head of the inspection teams declared that Kuwait Municipality has been monitoring the market to check if spoiled fish are being sold, and observing the fishmongers and owners of fish stalls to ensure they are abiding by the rules and regulations of the Kuwait Municipality.

Officers from Kuwait Municipality have been keeping an eye on these two markets on a daily basis and ensuring that fresh fish are being sold to the people. Kuwait Municipality urged Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates to call the hotline number 139 to report any problems related to prices, cleanliness and other violations.

Meanwhile, visitors to the two markets expressed their appreciation to the municipality for its efforts in this regard. Meanwhile, former chairman of Animal Resources Society Ayed Al-Nasafi objected to the calls made on social media for urging the Kuwaiti public to boycott the purchase of meat due to its increasing prices, reports Al- Seyassah daily. He said, “There is no reason to boycott the purchase of meat because the price of sheep in the local market is not expensive. In fact, it is cheaper now than what it was during Eid Al-Fitr”. Al-Nasafi affirmed that the average price of local sheep is KD 80 and it will vary depending on the size of the sheep, adding that Iranian, Sudanese and Indian meat are cheaper.

Source: Al-Seyassah

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