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Municipality ‘cuts’ salary of deputy director of foods department
October 23, 2016, 8:58 am

Assistant Director General for Financial and Administration Affairs at Kuwait Municipality Waleed Al-Jassim has issued a decision to cut quarter of the salary of the deputy director of Imported Foodstuff Department for three months over case No. 166/2016 related to introduction of 600 cans of spoiled Syrian olive oil into the local market. 

It was verified that some officials in the Imported Foodstuff Department tampered with the shipment of olive oil cans from Syria and released it even though a number of inspectors had refused the shipment, citing the reason as “wear off and oil precipitation which makes the oil unsuitable for human consumption”.

The municipality officials left the importing company to bring the shipment into the market and did not impose any penalties on it. Some informed sources revealed about the relationship between a number of officials and the owners of the company.

They explained that, two weeks after the first request, the company had returned to the department to renew their request for the inspection of the shipment, as the regulations allow for re-inspection as long as the consignment or part of it has not been sold off. However, the company had sold 50 oil cans from the consignment and then requested for reinspection which is in violation of the municipality’s regulations. A number of inspectors refused the company’s request but officials who are in good ties with the company owners facilitated the re-inspection and tampered with the procedures.

Source: Arab Times

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