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Municipality ‘issues’ 986 licenses for spring camps
November 12, 2016, 8:53 am

Kuwait Municipality issued 986 licenses to start spring camps, and removed 123 tents mounted illegally in prohibited areas.

In a statement, the Municipality mentioned that 250 garbage bins have been distributed in areas within Jahra Governorate where camping is allowed, and another 100 garbage bins in areas affiliated to Ahmadi Governorate with the aim of preserving environment.

It called upon campers to cooperate with the Municipality to maintain cleanliness and preserve environment at the desert by observing rules and regulations instituted by the Municipality for spring camping season 2016/2017.

Statement urged desert frequenters and the owners of camps and tents to avoid dumping liquid, solid and gas wastes or even burying or burning waste in the camping area, and to strive to dispose of waste in a safe and environment-friendly manner at designated spots.

Meanwhile, Director General of the Environment Public Authority Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad revealed the financial deposit paid to set up a camp (tents) will not be refunded to citizens who decline to clean the campsite and its surroundings.

In a statement, Sheikh Abdullah added the environment authority and the Municipality will use the financial deposit of owners of the camps to cleanup whatever is left behind, stressing there will be no refund of fees to citizens defying the rules and regulations of camping.

He indicated the authority will “be conducting surprise inspection rounds in various camping areas to bring to an end to transgression and protect the natural environment, besides raising environmental awareness and related laws. He added the environmental police will ensure that everyone abides by law, without exception.

Source: Arab Times

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