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Municipality official asks Asian traders for bribes, dangling deportation threat
January 4, 2015, 8:45 am

A new scandal has taken place in Ahmadi Municipality after complaints were received from Asian traders in various shops and markets within the governorate about being blackmailed and threatened to be prosecuted by an inspector of Kuwait Municipality if they did not pay him bribes worth tens of thousands of dinars, while some of these traders were demanded to transfer their agencies to the blackmailer¡¯s name. Minister of Communications and State Minister for Municipal Affairs Essa Al-Kandari affirmed that the complaints registered against one of the inspectors of Kuwait Municipality have been referred to the Legal Affairs Department.

He revealed that he has formed an inquiry committee for investigating the complaints and the files he received, adding, ¡°In case the supervisor is proven to be involved in any of these offenses, he will be referred to the Public Prosecution¡±. Al-Kandari explained that some of the Asian traders lodged complaints in which they stated that they handed over cheques of large sums of money to this supervisor who threatened to issue citations, close down their businesses and even deport them if they did not pay him the amount he demanded.

Meanwhile, the traders revealed to the daily that the supervisor demanded them to transfer their businesses to his name but with the same brand name and also demanded them to bear his and his family¡¯s expenses overseas during the summer vacations, mid-year holidays and other trips. Some traders revealed that the supervisor has demanded for bribes worth more than KD 50,000 to be deposited in his account through intermediaries and other companies.

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