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Municipality set to amend decree banning bachelors in ‘families only’
March 22, 2015, 8:42 am

Kuwait Municipality is on the verge of amending decree no. 125/1992 that bans bachelors from living in apartments and buildings for families only, and the amended decree will attract a maximum fine of KD 10,000 against the landlord and the tenant respectively, reports a local daily.

In this context, Undersecretary at the Fatwa and Legislation Department Huda Al-Shaiji has asked the Municipality to prepare a new draft law based on the recommendation issued by the department at the recent meeting of the two bodies to amend and transform the decree into an appropriate legal text. Meanwhile, the Director General of Kuwait Municipality Ahmad Al- Sabeeh sent a letter to the chairperson of Fatwa and Legislation Department proposing a study and revision of the administrative decree and its content.

He pointed to Article 1 of Law 125/1992 that strictly prohibits a bachelor from dwelling in the buildings allocated for families or buildings in the areas specified for private accommodation, adding all contracts and agreements that violate the law must be cancelled and the owner of the building must evict all tenants violating the law; otherwise, the electricity will be cut off and concerned employees from the Municipality would seek the police’s assistance to conduct administrative eviction.

Meanwhile, both the tenant and the landlord violating Article 1 of the law will be fined a minimum of KD 2000 up to KD 5000, while each party will be fined KD 10,000 if the same violation is repeated.

In other news, Chairman of the Environment Affairs Committee at the Municipal Council Abdullah Al- Kanderi has emphasized the need to establish a crisis management agency and early disaster warning system, while accusing the government agencies of failure to take serious steps to protect human lives, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

Al-Kanderi based his statement on failure of the agencies to attend the meeting slated for discussing the issue, as only the Directorate General of Civil Aviation out of 10 agencies was present. He said the committee observed that some environmental disasters led to crises which are difficult to solve. He stated such disasters resulted in the loss of lives of citizens and expatriates. He cited the incident in 1997 when torrential rains killed many people because the rainfall exceeded the volume of water the drainage systems could sustain.

Meanwhile, Minister of Communications and State Minister for Municipality Affairs Essa Al- Kanderi urged senior officials of both ministries to cooperate with the State Audit Bureau. He explained the bureau is an authority backed by Article 51 of the Constitution and it is the monitoring arm on whose reports the National Assembly rely on to evaluate the government’s performance. He said the officials should respect observations of the bureau as contained in its reports. He reminded them that delaying response to inquiries from the bureau violates the law which established it and violators must be punished. He asked them to look into violations and other issues raised by the bureau, so they could start immediately address the problems which should be part of their priorities.

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